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Emergency procedures

Emergency Procedures

The world is a mystery; one is never really sure of what is going to happen next. Accidents cannot be predicted and neither can emergencies. The good news though is that there are measures that have been set in place and people at the ready to help us deal with these unexpected situations. In this case these people are us. We are ready and willing to come to your rescue any day, anytime.

An emergency is generally defined as a situation or event in which there is impending danger to property or life. It is a given that these situations are usually very hectic and one may not be really in a position to clearly decide what and what not to do; panic often ensues. You need not to worry though, as we are here to help you ensure that the impending danger to the property or life does not become real.

It is highly advisable that any time you have an emergency involving threat to life, crime or a fire; you call 911 immediately before contacting us. In case your emergency occurs outside our usual business hours of 9.30 am to 5.30pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 9.30 am to 3.00 pm on Fridays, you can contact us using our emergency service number which is 610-724-1219. We are always ready and willing to help you out regardless of the time or day. We offer our services indiscriminately and all measures are put in place to ensure that your needs are adequately met.

img_9 Toll free 610-400-7363
An event is considered an emergency when there is impending danger to life or property

What We offer

We have a whole range of high quality services that are all geared to ensuring that your association and community are well taken care of. We will provide you with services that will ensure the smooth running and operation of your association and community.

What They Say

"Excellent group of professionals. They deliver what they commit. Will use thier service again. "

-John Smith, client

Quick contact

Feel free to contact me at the number below or you can fill out the contact us page and I will be in touch shortly.

Address: P.O. Box 299, Spring City, PA 19475

Telephone: (610) 948-1155