Keep Your Possessions Safe from Burglary: Part 1


Tips on Deterring Burglars from Your Home

Burglary is a terrifying experience for the victims and neighborhood of the crime. We want to help prevent this from happening to you and your neighbors so we have compiled a list of the following useful tips to keep your home safe and burglar free:

  • Install real or dummy surveillance cameras outside your home.
  • Always clean up the flyers and newspapers left on your doorstep.
  • Buy light timers for your indoor and outdoor lights.

These simple and relatively inexpensive tips can help to keep your home secure. As a homeowner’s association management company, Diamond Community Services wants to know that you and your property are safe, but in case of an emergency please contact 911 first and foremost. Our HOA management services include an afterhours emergency number,  610-724-1219, to call once you have informed the authorities.

Check out next month’s blog for more home safety tips!